Woodturning Curiosities

On this page you will find everything that doesn’t fit in with the other pages! There is an assortment of turned wooden items, including clocks, mushrooms, fungi, candlesticks, lamps and eccentric turning. By eccentric, I mean the wood is turned on multiple centres. It is not a reflection on the turner! A real medley of woodturning.

If you see something you like, check the woodturning shop for current stock or enquire for prices and availability.

Hopefully the examples of turned work on this page give a little insight into the repertoire of the average woodturner. Woodturning offers all sorts of niches and specialisms for those who wish to follow that particular path. I tend to dabble in all sorts of areas and the range of what I turn reflects that. Some of the woodturning examples may just be one offs or experiments but who knows, I may revisit them some time in the future.