Turned Wooden Vases and Hollow Forms

The turned wooden vases and hollow forms shown on this page are generally turned and hollowed from a single piece of wood. The hollowing is done through the hole in the top. Much of the wood used is sourced locally but some of the exotic timbers are imported.
Some of the wood vases are also textured and / or coloured to add interesting effects.

If you see something you like, check the woodturning shop page or enquire for prices and availability.


Most of the turned wooden vases are intended to be decorative either on their own or with dried flowers etc. The wooden vases described as bud vases have a tube inserted in the centre that will hold water so fresh flowers can be held if desired.

Each wooden vase is unique and they make ideal gifts for a memorable occasion. Each one has it’s own character and grain patterns. Wooden vases are also very tactile, people just love to pick them up and feel the grain of the wood.