Turned wooden salad bowls

Woodturning bowls is a traditional method and represents a sustainable source for utility bowls.
Turned wooden salad bowls look great on the table and are tactile to use and pass around. Each one is hand made and individually finished with a food safe oil finish made from plant oils.
Paul generally uses locally grown timber for salad bowls so stock will vary.

Any of these turned salad bowls may also be used as a fruit bowl or even purely as an ornament.

Decorative or functional salad or fruit bowls can be made to order in a wood of your choice. If you see something you like, check the woodturning shop page or enquire for prices and availability.

The oil finish will withstand moisture and washing (by hand – not in the dishwasher!). It is advisable to periodically reapply some oil to maintain the finish. Many oils often found in the kitchen can be used, such as grape oil, olive oil, sunflower oil etc. However, it is best not to use the basic vegetable oil as this tends not to last and may go rancid. Alternatively, some hardware stores are able to supply salad bowl finish.
If you require a particular size, shape or wood for your turned salad bowl, please ask as they can be made to order.
However, woodturning has its constraints with regard to the use of wood so please allow plenty of time when ordering.
The turned salad bowls in the woodturning shop are available from stock.