Unique Wooden Goblets and Drinking Vessels

Turned wooden goblets and wooden drinking vessels were in common use in the past. These days, wooden drinking vessels are something special and they make ideal gifts. One big advantage of wooden goblets over glass ones is that they are much more robust than their glass counterparts. They are less likely to break if knocked over!

Paul usually turns the wooden goblets and captive rings by hand from a single piece of wood. There are no joints and no glue.  Paul creates the captive rings in situ as he turns the goblet. He also hand carves the twist stems.

Some of the goblets are purely decorative but Paul also makes functional goblets and tankards. The tankards can be with or without handles. Paul makes both individual goblets and sets of any number, either all from a single type of wood or from a mixture of different types of wood.

Wooden goblets for gifts

Traditionally, goblets with two captive rings over the stem were popular wedding gifts. The pair of rings signify eternity and the union of two partners. Fast forward to today – goblets with captive rings are available for use as a wedding or anniversary gift. It is also possible to engrave an inscription under the base of a goblet or tankard.

Good for the environment

Wood actively locks away carbon from the atmosphere as it is formed by the growth of the tree so its production counteracts the effects of global warming. Also, being a natural product, wood will decay rapidly once disposed of, feeding the environment with the nutrients it holds rather than polluting it. So instead of plastic, ceramic or glass for drinking vessels, use wood. What could be better!

Check the woodturning shop page for current stock or If you see something you like enquire for prices and availability.

A durable finish can be used on the turned wooden goblets which are intended for use so they can hold liquid if required and are resistant to alcohol. Tankards sizes can be standard pint or half pints measures and can be with or without handles. A wide variety of woods  are suitable for goblets and tankards but even woodturning has its limitations! Traditionally, fruit woods such as apple, pear, cherry and plum were a favourite choice for drinking vessels but others including ash, oak, walnut, elm (and a few others) are also suitable. Contact Paul to discuss your requirements.