Turned burr bowls

Burrs (or burls) are the odd looking lumps seen on trees and are a result of abnormal growth within the tree. The grain pattern within these burrs is often full of whorls and swirls and the outer surface can have interesting peaks and shapes. It is the combination of unusual grain patterns, colouring and external shape that makes burrs so highly sought after when woodturning, for something out of the ordinary in turned wooden burr bowls.
The irregular grain and shape makes the woodturners task a little more difficult but the results make the extra effort worthwhile. Natural edge turned burr bowls either have the bark on or off and each creates a different overall effect for the bowl. Finishes are either oil or wax.

If you see something you like, check the woodturning shop for current stock.

Many types of tree produce burr formations. Using them for woodturning to produce turned wood burr bowls is just one possibility. Many burrs have uses apart from woodturning and are used in fine woodworking as veneers, some of which command extremely high prices.
Depending on availability of a suitable burr, turned wooden burr bowls can also be made to order.