Turned and coloured wooden bowls

Wooden bowls don’t always have to be wood coloured! Paul uses wood as the base material for the bowl and adds combinations of colour and texture to make something extra special.
Some of the plainer woods can be used as a blank canvas, allowing the colour and texture to speak for themselves but figured wood can also work well in combination with the application of colour.
Each wooden bowl shown here has been turned and finished by hand and each one is unique.

For some of the coloured and textured bowls, the outside of the bowl is given a base coat of acrylic gesso, which is textured to give a more ceramic look. The colours are acrylic airbrush paints, applied and blended with an airbrush and sealed with a lacquer. A wide range of colour combinations and textures are produced with this method.

Coloured wooden bowls can be made to order in a wood and colours of your choice. Please enquire for prices and availability.
Alternatively, check the woodturning shop for current stock.