Creative Woodturning – unique artistic woodturning with a difference

Masur birch coloured hollow forms by Paul Hannaby Creative Woodturner
Masur birch coloured hollow forms

The turned items here are a sample of Paul’s woodturning, produced by hand in his workshop in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. There is a selection of individual turned wooden bowls, vases, goblets etc. some are purely decorative and some are functional. Each one is hand made and great attention is paid to the form and finish with the aim that each piece is both pleasing to the eye and tactile. Paul’s woodturning also includes pieces enhanced with texturing, carving or colour so the permutations open to the woodturner are almost endless. Feel free to browse the woodturning gallery pages or woodturning shop and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. If you are unable to find what you want, specific commissions can be produced if required. Contact Paul for more details and to discuss your requirements.

Wood for the Woodturner

Man made materials have been found to have lasting implications on the environment. Both in terms of the time waste materials persist, building up in the environment, polluting the planet we live on and in terms of the energy used and CO2 produced in its manufacture. What better alternative than a material which is made from the very carbon dioxide thought to be the cause of climate change in the air we breathe and one that feeds the environment from which it came when disposed of without any negative impact. Sustainable, kind to the planet and a pleasure to use – who could ask for more!

Paul uses many different species of timber for turning and the main focus is on artistic or creative woodturning. Wood is the material of choice both for its unique characteristics and properties and because of its seemingly endless variations in appearance and character. Wood is not only the raw material but also the inspiration for many of the pieces produced.

A wide range of different types of wood are used for woodturning, mostly locally grown in the UK and some imported wood is used for specific applications. The imported timbers are obtained through reputable suppliers who use managed resources.

Woodturning Demonstrations and Tuition

Paul is also available for demonstrations for other woodturners, talks and tuition.
Woodturning demonstrations can be tailored to suit different subjects and audiences. Contact Paul for further details and availability. More information on woodturning courses and tuition can be found at Paul’s woodturning for woodturners website and online demonstrations and tuition are also available.