Turned Wooden Boxes

Turned wooden boxes can be both ornamental and functional and are pleasant to hold and to use. They can be used to store jewellery or other small items.
Some exotic timbers are used for woodturning boxes to give added interest.

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Sizes are in inches - height, followed by width.

If you see something you like, check the woodturning gallery page or enquire for prices and availability.

Woodturning African blackwood box with finial Woodturning Bubinga stemmed box with finial Woodturning Ash and ebony box Woodturning Mangrove box and earring stand
African blackwood box
Bubinga stemmed box 7x3 Ash with ebony finial 8x3.5 Mangrove box and earring stand
Woodturning Turned sycamore stemmed box with finial Woodturning Blackwood ornamental box Woodturning Soapstone box Woodturning Turned wood yew toadstool boxes
Sycamore stemmed box 9x3 African blackwood ornamental box
Soapstone box
Yew Toadstools 4x2

Turned wooden boxes can have so many uses and make great gifts. It is always part of the woodturning experience to hold an exquisitely made wooden box, taking off the top to see what's inside. Turned presentation boxes can be made to order to hold a treasured piece of jewellery or keepsake.

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